Child, Adolescent and Adult Counseling

The National Institute for Mental Health reports that one in five children and adolescents have a mental disorder. Many of these mental health problems interfere with the lives of the individuals they effect as well as the individual's daily living and normal development. Mental disorders do not only effect the individual but also the family and friends of the individual. Some mental health problems are severe and may effect the individual for a lifetime while other mental health problems are more mild and may only effect them for a short period of time. SMH, PSC offers counseling for all childhood, adolescent, and adult mental health disorders. We have trained preofessionals who are Behavior Specialists with multiple years of providing functional analyses, behavior plan development, implementation, and monitoring. Individual counseling, family and collateral therapy are offered to address Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiance, Depressive Disorders, and other behavior problems. Many staff have extensive training to provide individual and group services for trauma related mental health issues.

Service Coordination Services are offered through Somerset Mental Health as a part of the Medicaid Program. This program helps to assist children in gaining needed medical, educational, and other community supportive services. Medicaid Program is a service that allows private practioners to accept Medical Card payment for those children, adolescents, and families.