Group Counseling - SOTP

Group Counseling - SOTP

SMH, PSC provides a broad variety of strategies to promote and improve emotion regulation, problem solving, communication, and interpersonal behaviors. These interventions are implemented in individual and group counseling. Groups offered at Somerset Mental Health

Sexual Offender Treatment Program is used in the treatment of adolescent sexual offenders. Typical issues addressed are: sex offender relapse prevention; victim impact awareness and empathy development; responsibility for one's own actions; dealing with different emotions such as anger, depression, arousal management, and urge control; substance abuse; own victim issues; conflict with authority figures; social and relationship skills; sexuality, both normal and abnormal; sexual conflict; full disclosure of sexual offenses; identifying distorted thinking; medical evaluation relevant to conditions effecting treatment compliance and arousal control. This group is held at our Pulaski office on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Bullying Groups discuss a value system based on caring, respect, and personal responses to positive discipline and supports; clear behavioral expectations and consequences; and increased adult supervision and parental involvement. Early interactions that target specific risk factors, teach positive behavior and critical thinking skills at the classroom level, including lessons discussion, and parent meetings. Intensive individual interventions that provide bullies and victims with individual support through meetings with students and parents, counseling, and sustained child and family supports.

Social Skills is a group setting where children or adolescents use fun excercises and role playing to increase their ability to negotiate their environment, make friends that are positive in the environment and use the techniques in all areas of their lives.

Anger Management is a setting where children or adolescents are engaged in identifying events and triggers within their environment along with the irrational thoughts that lead to outbursts. With the use of peer input and adult supervision, new ways of thinking are identified.

Somerset Mental Health, PSC provides these groups as well as self-esteem, positive interventions for self-harm adolescents, bullying prevention, life skills for positive decision making, and overcoming trauma. These groups are provided within the school setting and in-house.

SMH has provided In-Services to the community and work-force such as sexual harassment, stress management 101, positive mental health, and multiple other mental health related topics.